We frame pictures in all shapes and sizes here at the studio, and each presents its own challenges.  Big can be a brute to manoeuvre into position for assembly, taping and adding the fixings (good upper body workout, though).  Small can be fiddly and annoying as, for some reason, small frames seem to be more unforgiving than larger ones (no margin for error, really).

Here’s an example of the bijou end of the framing canon: a simple summery postcard of Dubrovnik, put into a tiny double mount and gracing a narrow gold frame. The humble postcard is actually nearly always a pleasure to frame, and you don’t have to stick to the ratio of small picture:small frame – we also have a lovely example of a Tate postcard of a Turner painting which has been shown off with nice, broad mounts and a generous frame.


A postcard from Dubrovnik

At this time of year, a bit of cheer does not go amiss, and the prospect actually going or being somewhere where one might wish to buy a postcard lifts the spirits rather nicely.  Thinking of summer and sunshine and planning for them might make the next few weeks of potentially grey and grotty weather speed by just a little faster..

Triple mount for postcard

Triple mount for Tate Gallery postcard of Turner’s Blue Rigi