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Impressive stuff.. playing with our new press

We have a new toy! It’s a ‘Hot Press’.. ok not brand new, but a pre-owned, one careful lady owner from new kind of thing. It is simply the best modern incarnation in a whole history of presses, having a large bed for artwork, a built in heater to activate adhesives, and a vacuum pump to provide enough pressure to squeeze most things we might want to squeeze. Owning one of these babies opens up lots of new opportunities for us, our work and our customers. I won’t go into huge detail, partly because it’s technical and boring, and to […]

A Christmas Message…

Santa’s elves have not been the only ones busy in the workshop this past few weeks, we have been working on getting our cherished customers’ orders out in time for Christmas at Uckfield Framing too. We have enjoyed a huge variety of commissions this year (more of that in next week’s 2016 Round-Up blog) and hope the work that we have done brings much pleasure to you and your loved ones in the months and years to come. A recent commission was ‘Wonderland’, which we thought would be a very appropriate illustration for this time of year: We would like […]

And we can now bring you.. photographic magic!

When we work with images in the framing studio, we always do everything we can to showcase each picture to the very best of our ability. Sometimes we work with fragile and antique images for people who want to protect them in a good frame, and we always take particular care with these. Protecting your pictures is of paramount importance, and because of that, we  thought it would be a good idea to go the ‘extra mile’ and offer the opportunity to our customers to digitize and improve treasured photographs.  With huge advances in art and photographic reproduction, it makes […]

Bird boxes worth tweeting about

Usually we witter on about framing related activities, because that’s what we are mostly doing in our day job. But our adult woodwork classes run all year, on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. From time to time we post some pretty pictures of the student’s work. Over the last two terms we have had an unusually high proportion of beginners, not necessarily new to woodwork, but new to our workshop. These woodwork beginners always start with the ‘familiarization project’, which is to make a humble bird-box.   This project covers the basics, including the use of woodwork machines, and we usually […]

Whatever happened to Dan Dare?

dan dare

I’d like to start this piece, not about picture framing, but something completely different. No, not Monty Python either. But space, the final frontier and all that.. And the reason for this sudden early-onset random topic was Monday’s trip to the Uckfield Picture House to see the UK-wide ‘live cinema’ screening of ‘The Last Man on the Moon‘. Although this was no Hollywood blockbuster with state of the art CGI action sequences, it was all the better for it. It was a new British documentary about one of the great men from the Gemini and Apollo days that we (some […]

Hello Laura!

Hello everyone! As the newest member of the Uckfield Framing Company family, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself.. I would firstly like to thank Tim and Natalie for being so patient with me whilst I learn the ropes and get to grips with the vast amount of information they have to impart on art and framing. Unlike them I do not have a background in art (unless you count doodling the odd Disney character for my kids!). I have however tried my hand at most crafts including jewellery making, scrapbooking, sewing and upcycling furniture. So I […]

‘Magic glass’ prices down for 2016!

While it is absolutely true that you get what you pay for in this life, it is also true that occasionally an opportunity crops up where you can get outstanding value for a very good price. At Uckfield Framing Company we believe that we offer an excellent service, fairly priced. Part of our commitment to maintaining this is to look out for ways to keep costs down without compromising quality. So it is with a cheerful heart that today’s blog announces that Uckfield Framing management has managed to negotiate an extremely good deal with our supplier on the provision of […]

Fifty shades of… taste

You know that slightly smug feeling when we see something we consider to be unlovely in someone else’s home? And you think to yourself ‘Blimey, wouldn’t give it house room’?…or the envious opposite when you see an object of instant, covetous desire? I think we’ve all done it at some time or another. There really is no accounting for taste, and what I enjoy about my job is that it is tremendous fun to be working with so many different people with different likes and dislikes, because it means you learn all the time. Framing with Tim and Natalie has really opened my eyes […]

The Apprentice: The Not-At-All-Technical Guide to Framing Terms (part three)

Nat demonstrating the 'flick'...

Here are some more framing terms unique to our workshop… GUNK: Sticky residue magnetised towards fingers, usually acquired removing geriatric tape on old frames. Very stubborn stuff, you need to scrape, wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly, and then take sandpaper to fingers to remove all traces, because it transfers to new, clean surfaces in a heartbeat. GUBBINS: Innards of a picture, or ingredients for a new one. Covers all options, including back, glass, various mounts and images. Also used for fixings of all varieties (“I need the gubbins for X job.”) GRUMP: Anyone who fails to add […]

We won’t forget this fallen WW1 Uckfield soldier..

Some of the townspeople who are helping obtain these medals

This wonderful story of local people clubbing together to buy an Uckfield soldier’s medals, is particularly poignant as we approach Remembrance Day. The story is told in full by Uckfield News, and so far our part in this saga hasn’t actually happened yet. We have simply pledged our help in the eventual mounting and display of medals, and other ephemera yet to be discovered. Such as a perhaps a photograph of Pt Corden of the Royal Sussex Regiment.   Quite how his medals came to be on eBay we cannot imagine, they obviously became separated from his family at some […]

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