Now you see it…Now you don’t

A sample of our new 'Museum' quality 99% anti-UV glass!

Spot the difference. Actually, you can’t. This watercolour of a French villa looks no different now to when it was brought into us for reglazing. What has changed is the nature of the glass. We retained all the other elements of moulding and mount at the owner’s request, the secret is why we had to reglaze a perfectly well-framed item. The clue is in where it hangs when it’s at home. The owner has a lovely orangery, light-filled for nearly the entire day, and the pictures therein were in serious danger of fading so badly you couldn’t identify the images. […]

Waste not, want not: Let’s turn it into art…

We probably don’t need to stress our commitment to recycling at the framing studio: huge material-appropriate bins bear witness to our dedication to the cause for any customer who visits us and gets a peek at the hive of industry that is our workshop. Cardboard, paper, glass and metal receptacles take all the ‘spoil’ that offcuts, discards and old fixings create in the picture framing business. It mounts up considerably, and He Who Captains our Particular Ship has a nifty way of finding out whose recycling bin at home has a little squeezable space so that these things can go […]

A picture framing cooperative

We finished an interesting project last week, and as ever we love to share! The challenge was to display this beautifully colourful but extremely fragile peacock paper-cut.. how best to show off its delicate qualities whilst gently cosseting it for the future. To show the intricate cut shapes we felt a shadow effect would work well, and to keep the thin paper in place we chose to sandwich it between two sheets of glass, and then suspend this above a textured pale mountboard. Not just ordinary glass either, but ‘magic‘ glass of the ArtGlass variety with added UV protection. This […]

Bird boxes.. ..and woodwork classes

A veritable stack of hand tools

All my woodworkers will know the ‘bird box’ project, as it’s been my standard ‘workshop familiarisation programme’ for very many years. For class beginners it involves many of the tools and processes which will be relied on in later individual projects. And for the birds, it’s a welcome new home! A veritable stack of hand tools from try square, marking gauge and knife, tenon and coping saw, to block and jack planes are used along the way, as well as some vital machines; pillar drill, band saw, disc sander and biscuit jointer. Learning to use all these properly and accurately […]

Ideas on art don’t have to be set in concrete…

Sometimes something that has little immediate appeal can frame up surprisingly well, rather against expectations. One such item was a rather gloomy and damaged looking piece of card given to me by my dad with the exhortation: “See if you can do anything with it.” From what I can tell, it is a work created by over-painting an existing colour on a piece of heavy card, and then scratching out the design through the top layer of paint with a sharp object to create the picture. The back story is that it was a design for a huge artwork on […]

Zen And the Noble Art of Taping Picture Frames…

Taping the back of a MinaLima frame...

Given that Tim is currently doing his version of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance with his jolly around Italy on the MotoGiro d’Italia on his vintage bike, we were feeling a bit left out, so we decided to get a little bit of the Zen stuff going here, but with sticky tape rather than glorious scenery, food, wine and motorcycling adventure heaven. I know, I know, I have said before how much I enjoy taping and finishing pictures: there is something deeply satisfying about it all, and one really does enter something close to a meditative state (especially […]

How to frame your Hockney…

'The Road to Thwing' framed in natural oak with a single off white mount...

As you can imagine, a vast number of artist works (both original and reproduction) grace our work benches here. This week we have been framing prints of David Hockney paintings, for two separate clients (I love serendipity, don’t you?). As the prints were different in style and subject matter (two prints being Hockney paintings from 1967 and the other, a painting from 2006), they were framed using ingredients appropriate for the print, whilst being sympathetic to Hockney’s iconic style. Naturally we wanted to show them to you… His paintings are currently on show at the Tate for those of you […]

The bear necessities.. displaying a teddy bear

The happy chappie...

This little fella doesn’t need any introduction really, certainly not to his owner anyway. A much loved and well worn cuddly friend called ‘Army Ted’, he needed to be preserved and cherished in retirement. Much as we all do. Army Ted is around 35 now in human terms, which is really quite ancient in teddy bear years. Resplendent in his old action man tunic and cub badge, he is now ready for his honourable retirement. So a beautiful oak box frame was made this week, complete with magic glass so he can continue to observe the world exactly as it […]

And to cap it all.. framing an England Rugby cap

We had the honour this week to frame not only the rugby shirt of a recently capped England player, but his cap as well! We have all heard of sports players being ‘capped’ meaning to play for their country at international level, but I for one have never actually seen one of these caps, let alone framed one. Well I can tell you now the cap is a beautiful thing to behold.. like an old school cap but made of velvet with shiny metallic braid, a bobble on top, and a tassel. Doing a little research I found that although […]

Impressive stuff.. playing with our new press

We have a new toy! It’s a ‘Hot Press’.. ok not brand new, but a pre-owned, one careful lady owner from new kind of thing. It is simply the best modern incarnation in a whole history of presses, having a large bed for artwork, a built in heater to activate adhesives, and a vacuum pump to provide enough pressure to squeeze most things we might want to squeeze. Owning one of these babies opens up lots of new opportunities for us, our work and our customers. I won’t go into huge detail, partly because it’s technical and boring, and to […]

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