A Golden Opportunity for a Good Deed

Framed papal blessing

It’s official.  We can work miracles here… Well, actually what we can do is turn around an urgent request at breathtaking speed when necessary. A priest came into the studio in urgent need of a framing project that had to be done at lightning speed. Father Ian Vane was thrilled with the rapid response he received, and sent a delightful message of thanks to us: “Many, many thanks for doing this job so swiftly and without sharp intakes of breath and dropping the air pressure in the area; I really do appreciate it. I don’t think I have ever been […]

A Dance To The Music Of Time

About twenty years ago, I bought a poster at a museum shop in Madrid (Thyssen-Bornemisza – highly recommend it). Titled ‘Bailarina Basculando’ (Leaning Ballerina), it has graced my kitchen wall since then. Ballet aficionados will appreciate the delicacy and accuracy of Degas’ representation of the dance, as did I. Unfortunately, it’s been on the receiving end of a lot of light in that time, and the colours have faded terribly. What was once a riot of blues and corals, with strong red notes here and there, faded to a dull blue overall. In recent times, I’ve been learning a different […]

The Big August Sail Explained

Bespoke products dictate bespoke prices, and it is a truth that should be universally acknowledged that There Is No Such Thing As A Bargain.  (I have seen the truckloads of ‘seconds’ being wheeled into department stores just before they announce a Big Sale, with my own eyes, which has led to a deep cynicism about the whole process of ‘Sale Prices’ and ‘Massive Reductions’). When you have faith that the work you do is of the highest quality, as we do, generally customers appreciate that the price they pay represents excellent value for money. That is not to say that […]

The Art of selling your property…

Although it has been many years since I’ve been house-hunting, I well remember some of the places I’ve viewed in the past. Some which were described as ‘immaculate’ should have been reported instantly for misrepresentation under the Trade Descriptions Act. Others were beautifully clean and tidy, but felt ‘off’ for one reason or another. Now with a daughter in the property world, I have insight into why some perfectly nice places don’t sell quickly or easily. You can have two houses in the same street, with the same architectural style, and even similar colour schemes, and one will sell quickly […]

A Captivating Portrait

A gorgeous fragment of Second World War humanity and generosity came into the workshop this week. Actually, it’s a picture of an aunt of mine with an interesting back story which I hope you will enjoy me sharing with you. My grandfather was in the Royal Engineers during the Second World War, and following the D-Day landings found himself in charge of a work party of prisoners of war, in Dieppe. Being the gentleman he was, he did his best to look after his group and get to know them personally. One, a Hungarian by the name of Henter, was […]

Little and Large…

Nat posing with the large maps....

I may have said it before in this blog, but Size Matters. Hefting a humungous frame, glass, mount board, image, back and fixings around the studio can take some serious upper body strength and dexterity – and today’s opus was definitely a stretch, in more ways than one. We do all sorts of sizes and shapes of framing work as a matter of course, but the big jobs present their own challenges. Today’s framing of two HUGE maps of wine regions was a good case in point – even I didn’t know that you could get special glass (in this […]

A horse of a different colour…

The original faded engraving and the new and improved version...

From faded grandeur to glorious colour – it truly is a delight when we can rescue a picture from what has become a steady decline and put it back to the condition intended by the artist. Sunlight might be a welcome change in our weather lately, but it can cause horrible damage to works of art. One of the projects we have recently completed has involved putting the zing back into an old engraving which had lost its mojo in a major way. We have at our disposal a brand of  pictorial wizardry: retouched art enhancement thanks to the marvelous […]

Now you see it…Now you don’t

A sample of our new 'Museum' quality 99% anti-UV glass!

Spot the difference. Actually, you can’t. This watercolour of a French villa looks no different now to when it was brought into us for reglazing. What has changed is the nature of the glass. We retained all the other elements of moulding and mount at the owner’s request, the secret is why we had to reglaze a perfectly well-framed item. The clue is in where it hangs when it’s at home. The owner has a lovely orangery, light-filled for nearly the entire day, and the pictures therein were in serious danger of fading so badly you couldn’t identify the images. […]

Waste not, want not: Let’s turn it into art…

We probably don’t need to stress our commitment to recycling at the framing studio: huge material-appropriate bins bear witness to our dedication to the cause for any customer who visits us and gets a peek at the hive of industry that is our workshop. Cardboard, paper, glass and metal receptacles take all the ‘spoil’ that offcuts, discards and old fixings create in the picture framing business. It mounts up considerably, and He Who Captains our Particular Ship has a nifty way of finding out whose recycling bin at home has a little squeezable space so that these things can go […]

A picture framing cooperative

We finished an interesting project last week, and as ever we love to share! The challenge was to display this beautifully colourful but extremely fragile peacock paper-cut.. how best to show off its delicate qualities whilst gently cosseting it for the future. To show the intricate cut shapes we felt a shadow effect would work well, and to keep the thin paper in place we chose to sandwich it between two sheets of glass, and then suspend this above a textured pale mountboard. Not just ordinary glass either, but ‘magic‘ glass of the ArtGlass variety with added UV protection. This […]

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