They say April is the cruelest month, but IMHO February can be rather trying too. Grey skies and chilly temperatures don’t do much to lift the spirits. It hasn’t been the best of months so far for the Framing Fairy either (see last week’s post), and it was with huge relief that I got back to the studio to get on with some serious work with moulds and mounts again.

We’ve discussed the joys of tidily taping the back of pictures before, and there really is a Zen Zone to it, so it was lovely to be back doing something comfortingly familiar and in cheerful surroundings. I had a most productive morning quietly taping the backs of about a dozen pictures.

On this occasion, I also brought in a framing project of my own which has been sitting on a back burner (and in a cardboard tube) for ages. It really does boost the mood when you have made ‘something’ out of what would have stayed ‘nothing’ if left in the tube.

A beautifully framed Monet print...

A beautifully framed Monet print…

A cheapie Monet poster doesn’t have to go into a cheapie frame, as this picture shows. The image might only have cost around £15, but in the right surround, it looks – dare I say it – a million dollars. A clean double mount and a silver/gold moulding have brought the poster to life, and I for one am immensely pleased with it. It has done quite a bit to cheer up my glum old February.

Other members of the team have been doing something similar – Natalie (she of the supernaturally good eyesight) has framed a signed photograph of style icon Cherry Dollface to motivate her each day, as well as cleverly finding the frame-ability of a piece of wrapping paper depicting that apex of upcheeringness: tea. Both are now in a state to bestow their positivity on the viewer.

Fresh off the bench... Natalie's signed photograph and 'Tea' wrapping paper, preserved behind glass!

Fresh off the bench… a signed photograph and ‘Tea’ wrapping paper, preserved behind glass!

So if your February is feeling dreary, and you have a picture, postcard, photograph or poster that you’ve been meaning to do something about, pop along and talk to us about it. You’ll be surprised at how much it can help banish the gloom – and we’re always more than happy to help.